A new road to Sumala

The people of Sumala settled on the border of the river Pilcomayo up till today lived a very isolated life. There is a school and Mano a Mano Bolivia build a small clinic in 2006. Although there are good opportunities to cultivate fruits and many other agricultural and horticultural products the volume of production kept still very limited. Reason for that is the lack of road connections.

As no one else liked to open a road at Sumala, Mano a Mano Bolivia realized the job in 9 months. You can imagine how happy the people of Sumala are. On the festive day of the inauguration the first merchants were there to offer their goods at the local people. The local farmers from now have the opportunity to bring their products to the nearby markets to sell them. This will increase production and also the income of the families. In case of emergency an ambulance can enter this community.

The project was realized with the support of the municipality of Icla, Mano a Mano International, the Rotary clubs of Canada and Cochabama, the local people of Sumala and Mano a Mano Bolivia.