A school for Litus Pampa


Litus Pampa is a small community hidden in the mountains of Aiguille. 5 Years ago Milton, teacher of a primary school was sent there to teach the children of Litus Pampa. There was no school building but teacher Milton found a shelter in a store room and managed the situation. For the children it was a kind of progress to have a school nearby their homes. 5 Years later we could participate in the inauguration of a real school. Mano a Mano Bolivia built 2 classrooms, a teachers housing, toilets, sinks and showers. This project was realized thanks to the support of the municipality of Aiquille, Friends of Mano a Mano Bolivia from Belgium, the team of local people we worked together with the team of Mano a Mano Bolivia during 4 months. These children get from know what they deserve good education in decent circumstances. Also the teachers will get more job satisfaction and will from now realize the full curriculum. Mano a Mano Bolivia realizes projects in places where others often don’t like to work.