A clinic for Kewiñal

Over the past four months, the residents of Kewiñal, together with the team of workers from Mano a Mano Bolivia, have set up a new clinic. Now there is the square where you already find the school, the church and from today the brand new installed clinic. There is already that place where the heart of Kewiñal is beating.This will undoubtedly be the market square in the next future.

The salutation of the national hymn initiates the festive program.Speeches are being held and young and old have prepared with excellently some cultural acts: a group of musicians plays the panpipes, children perform their dances and also the elders of the village provide the party with a beautiful duet. The municipality of Aiquile has kept its word. Aiquile supports 60% of the cost price and has in the meantime ensured that a doctor and nurse have been contracted. The new clinic is fully equipped and ready for the start. Now it is up to the medical team to make this dream come true by developing good healthcare in Kewiñal. Thanks to the support of the German organization “Sign of Hope” (Hoffnungszeichen), the Belgian association “Amigos de Mano a Mano Bolivia” en Friends from France this project became a reality. Mano a Mano Bolivia will continue to support this project for the next three years. The operation is monitored and further supervised so that the project will be fully realized. On a regularly base the medical team will also be invited to attend professional training organized by Mano a Mano Bolivia to become in this way a competent professional.






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  1. This project was realized thanks to the financial support of Sign of Hope from Germany, Amigos de Mano a Mano Bolivia from Belgium and friends from France.

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