Mano a Mano Bolivia Factory

Building chairs and desks here in Cochabamba for upcoming school construction projects

The staff of metal mechanic workshops, as part of their work, are dedicated to the construction of chairs and desks for new educational projects.

Sometimes the operators of the heavy equipment support with cutting, grinding, drilling and cleaning tubes, so that the trained personnel can carry out the welding and the painting of frames of 220 chairs and 80 desks; that will be destined in the new Educational Projects for Rayo Pampa (Arbieto – Cochabamba) and Miska Mayu (Tarabuco – Chuquisaca).

Painting of chair frames in Mano a Mano Bolivia workshop.
Grinding of slag in desks, carried out by operators of heavy equipment.
Cleaning of tubes and angles for the construction of chairs and desks.