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   Mano a Mano Bolivia

Volunteer support for health and social development
A brief description of our achievements during the last 22 years.

Project MapThanks to the remarkable cooperation offered by Bolivian citizens and many others from different places around the world, we were able to carry out our mission.

Many individuals and other people in groups showed their solidarity by sharing their talents, time and abilities.

Thanks also to all who supported all these projects with financial support.

  • 61 new schools were built
  • you will find 162 new clinics
  • throughout the country donkey paths were transformed into 57 roads
  • 51 young people obtained their qualification as a qualified professional
  • we offered 137 courses to doctors, nurses and dentists
  • we organize 11 international conferences for health personnel
  • more than 100,000 medical items found a destination
  • we train firemen, policemen, students and other groups
  • we travel many times to organize medical outreaches

Cochabamba January 1, 2018