Día del niñ@

Today, April 12, we celebrate here “Children’s day”. Of course we immediately ask whether there is much to celebrate. UNICEF underlines important rights and indicates us a number of weak points: access to education, the right to health care, a safe environment, no child labor, no hunger, protection against diseases and space for recreation. If we fill in these points of interest on the basis of western criteria and standards, we will not score 50%.

In the daily work we do in the remote villages of Bolivia we often confront ourselves with all kinds of situations that are not ideal. If children can happily go to school then many times it happens in circumstances that are unfortunately below all levels. It hurts you.
But in those often predicable circumstances you see children who like to go to school, to meet their friends en teachers and have fun. They resolve a conflict in their own way and they are absolutely not pampered at all.

The material conditions are far from ideal and must be improved. Together with many others we work on that.

But at the same time we do get the feeling that these children although they are still very young they know how someone should give meaning to his/her life and don´t depend on what “a social network” will tell you what to do as so many others do in the western world.
They realize that they are a member of their community: their families, their friends, with their teachers. That is why they are so strong and can withstand a setback.

They must not exchange without any reflection their philosophy of life.


Mano a Mano Bolivia

Volunteer support for health and social development

Clarisas graduated on a technial level “design and tailoring”.

Clarisa became a mother at a young age and in that situation she was not offered many opportunities to continue her studies.
Encouraged and supported by the “Soñar” program, Clarisa conceived this technical training which she completed in just 8 months. In addition to a number of theoretical and technical contents that she acquired, it was mainly the realization of garments for various occasions that showed her competence. Clarisa together with her son is now able to develop further her own life. She now dreams of starting up her own small business.

We wish her good luck.

We would like to thank Carmen and Efrén, a young couple from Spain for their financial support. This project had a total cost of 105 USD per month.



International conference 2018

Mano a Mano Bolivia

Volunteer support for health and social development

Lifelong learning!

This is not self-evident for medical staff working in rural Bolivia. In addition to building health care centers, Mano a Mano Bolivia also provides training for the medical staff: doctors, nurses, dentists. On a regular basis they are invited to participate in these workshops and trainings throughout the year.

A special event is the international course that will be organized for the eleventh time this year. Mano a Mano Bolivia receives as host the widely acclaimed trainers from Mela, an organization of volunteers from the USA. who will take care of the content as lecturer and practitioner. We are happy to present the program.

“Acute care conference”

From 5 to 7 March 2018
• for nursing staff
From 8 to 10 March 2018
• for doctors

In the installations of Mano a Mano Bolivia
For more info: Facebook: Mano a Mano Bolivia
With the support from:
• Mela, medical educators for Latin America
• Sociedad de medicina general de Bolivia, Cochabamba
• Colegio Médico Departamental
• Mano a Mano Bolivia

Villa Pampa clinic # 161

Volunteer support for health and social development

Villa Pampa is a small village situated in the Chuquisaca region. The trip to the village is not without danger and our driver constantly has to control the hairpin bends. Villa Pampa is hidden between the exuberant green natures. The village, however, is neglected. The old clinic shows us only sad images.

The construction of the new clinic started in July 2017. After carrying out preparatory work, walls are putted up and soon the building is sheltered. Then the finishing phase begins: plaster walls, floors, windows and doors.

On December 11 the team of Mano a Mano Bolivia realizes the finishing touches that are still missing. On December 12, 2017 the residents decorated the building with the typical textiles. Today we will celebrate the inauguration of the new clinic.

The national hymn opens the program. Speeches are held: everyone likes to say a few words to express his gratitude. Many people have participated in the realization of this project: the municipality, the village, the sponsors of the project and of course Mano a Mano Bolivia.

The children of the village are acting the performance of a dance and guests are invited to participate. A special word of thanks goes out to Shireen and David who donated their wedding gift as their support for this project. The many Friends of Mano a Mano Bolivia in Belgium also supported this project.

The people of Villa Pampa feel very grateful and so they offered original laurels to authorities, sponsors and the team of Mano a Mano Bolivia. Finally, the words of Dr. Jose cannot be missed. He knows how to motivate and encourage people to take initiatives. He knows better than anyone else the needs that exist in the remote area.

Villa Pampa is the 161st clinic that Mano a Mano Bolivia built. That is a great achievement, but many other projects are still waiting for their realization. That is why we are always looking around to find new sponsors.

A very important moment is handing over the keys of the new clinic. This is how people from the village become responsible for the policy of their own clinic. Many have made an effort and we must not forget them: a memorial is revealed. The mayor was asked to cut the ribbon. Finally, everyone gets access to the new clinic to have a look and to appreciate to wonderful work that was done.

The clinic stands there and shines. Now there is a good equipment so that the staff can attend people well. For the people of villa pampa this project will change and improve their standard of living.

Villa Pampa December 12, 2017


A new road to Sumala


The people of Sumala settled on the border of the river Pilcomayo up till today lived a very isolated life. There is a school and Mano a Mano Bolivia build a small clinic in 2006. Although there are good opportunities to cultivate fruits and many other agricultural and horticultural products the volume of production kept still very limited. Reason for that is the lack of road connections.

As no one else liked to open a road at Sumala, Mano a Mano Bolivia realized the job in 9 months. You can imagine how happy the people of Sumala are. On the festive day of the inauguration the first merchants were there to offer their goods at the local people. The local farmers from now have the opportunity to bring their products to the nearby markets to sell them. This will increase production and also the income of the families. In case of emergency an ambulance can enter this community.

The project was realized with the support of the municipality of Icla, Mano a Mano International, the Rotary clubs of Canada and Cochabama, the local people of Sumala and Mano a Mano Bolivia.